About Me



I’m an amateur photographer of wildlife, based in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been taking pictures since 2015, when I picked up my first camera - the Canon 70D.  

Photography has become a passion of mine. I love how an image can freeze time for ever and the excitement it brings when you capture that moment when an animal moves or the stare of a lioness when she locks onto her prey.  It's a magical and powerful medium.    

Since picking up my first camera I've been fortunate to have my work published around the world by institutions like National Geographic, PDN, WildPlanet Magazine, the Smithsonian, Washington Post and Sigma's 2017 Best of Photography publication. 

The photographs you see here were all taken in Tanzania and Virunga National Park in the DRC.

Today, my equipment consist of Canon's 1DX MKII and 5DMK4 cameras. My primary lenses for wildlife are Canon's:

70-200MM F/2,8

200 - 400 MM F

24-70 MM f/2.8

And, Sigma's 35mm f/1/4 Art lens. 

I use my photographs to bring awareness and inspires others to take action, take a trip and get out to enjoy and experience this wonderful planet that we live.  One of the initiatives that I'm currently supporting is rehabbing the medical infrastructure for Kuria village in Tanzania.  Details and pics of the project are located under "The Kuria Tribe of Tanzania." 

 If you are interested in using any of pictures for such charitable causes let me know. I'm happy to grant rights and send the high rez files.